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This section details the typical timing of key phases in the process, the activities each comprises, and people who account for those activities.

Inception & Groundwork

12 Months Before On-Site Review

lDraft review scheme based on the program’s characteristics and distinguishing features. (IEU)

lDraft evaluation standards and assessment criteria. (IEU)

lSearch ultramarine external panel candidates. (IEU)

6 Months Before On-Site Review

lConfer with the Program about review scheme, process, schedule, target fields and faculty members. (IEU)

lRecommend candidates for the external panel. (IEU & program)

5 Months Before On-Site Review

lConfirm review scheme, target fields that will be assessed in the review. (IEU & program)

lIdentify nominees for the External Panel. (IEU & program)

lContact potential external panel members, send invitations, and confirm schedule with the head of the program. (IEU)

lConsult with the head of the program about any outstanding issues, priorities, and strategies. (IEU)

lConfirm academic fields and faculty members participating in the review. (program)

Supporting Documentation

4 Months Before On-Site Review

lConfirm on-site review nominees and send invitations. (IEU)

lDetermine with the program any opportunities to tailor the review so its outputs can support external accreditations. (IEU & program)

lConduct self-assessment of the program and prepare program information pack. (program)

lInitiate production of supporting documentation. (IEU))

3 Months Before On-Site Review

lProduce self-assessment report (program)

lProvide the external panel with PIP, supporting documentation and off-site questionnaire. (IEU)

lContact panel members of on-site review. (IEU)

lPrepare for on-site review. (Program & IEU)


2 Month Before On-Site Review

lReview SAR, PIP, supporting documentation to determine key issues and areas of focus. The aim should be to focus off-site review on the area(s) most in need of better performance and where change will achieve greatest benefits. (panel & IEU)

lDetermine additional data requirements and inform IEU. (panel)

lIdentify the procedure of on-site review. (IEU & program)

1 Month Before On-Site Review

lFeedback the results of off-site review to IEU. (panel)

lRevise and improve self-assessment report. (program)

lConfirm on-site review agenda, lab visit schedule, venues, moderator, discussants and hotel reservations. (IEU)

On-Site Review (3-4 days)

lConduct the campus visit, three or four days of direct engagement with the program, comprising of oral reports, sessions, meeting with faculty members and students, lab and classroom visit, feedback to university leadership, etc. (panel)

It is important that the panel gauge the appropriate length and intensity of the review based on the program's size and circumstances. For larger or more complex programs, it may be more practical to conduct the review over a slightly longer period, allowing the panel some time to consider the implications of one phase on another. A level of flexibility in timing/duration is essential.

lDeliver the final review report (if it could not be completed at the on-site review period, the panel could submit within 30 days after the on-site review) including the outcome of the evaluation of evidence, conclusions, recommendations, a plan of action and a follow up schedule to the program and university. (panel).

After On-Site Review

lDeliver the Final Review Report within 30 days after on-site review. (panel)

lImplement suggestion recommended in the final review report and produce annual report to further enhancements of practice and make potential improvements. (program)

lEnsure recommendations are on-track for implementation and help the program with necessary support and/or information. (IEU)

lRead annual reports of the assessed program and provide feedback for further improvements. (panel)

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